Güven Sarselimoglu is the owner of one of the biggest holding companies in Turkey, which has investments in different areas, particularly in construction sector. Handling his family and his country with a destructive love, Güven Selimolu paints a different picture of himself in front of public by using the media power in his hands and practicing public relation campaigns. Having an unhappy marriage and living under constant restrictions of her husband, Münevver is a victim of domestic violence and one day she suffers a miscarriage, when she got beat up by Güven. Filled with a lust for vengeance, she wants help from Galip, a crime boss, who bears grudge against Güven due to an old matter. Galip makes a plan that no one can ever foresee and the showdown, which not only will change these three peoples lives, caught inside the trap, but also will change the fate of the whole country.


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